Promiseland is our children's ministry for birth through 5th grade. Our children learn who God is and their need for a relationship with Him through a combination of media and small groups of their peers.

Our volunteers are dedicated and strive every week to make this the best hour possible for your child.

Learning about Jesus should be fun, exciting, and engaging; Promiseland reaches that goal week in and week out!

If you want your child to ASK to come to church every week, then Promiseland is the place to send them. Come see for yourself, parents are welcome too.


There are classes for all children from nursery to 5th grade. For the safety of our children, check-in ends at 10:15.



An 11 week class for children and middle grades who have been baptized but want to know more about how to live life as a Christian.


Classes that engage and inspire your children to want to know who Christ is.

For more information contact Tammy Fowler at